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Crown Royal Black Label
Anyone know the difference between the different crown’s? I have never actually researched it, but am an avid crown drinker (of coarse)! I have been blessed with the ability to try all of the different crowns (hiccup) :).
It seems to me that the more expensive NOT the better!! Except maybe with the exception of Crown Special Reserve. It seems to be all the sweet and smooth of crown, only ON STEROIDS! Then you have the cask #16… Well, all I got is wow! Overly stiff, more of a whiskey burn and would assume it’s the cask barrel that we are tasting. Reminds me more of my dads whiskey 🙂 (sorry dad). The notorious Crown XR from the original Waterloo factory. This one started out way over priced at about $169 retail. Now down to about $99 retail… Thought it was supposed to be WAY limited production?!? Well it’s like the Crown Cask, only much stiffer!! Defiantly a whiskey bite, lots more oak then all the rest! Now down to MY personal FAVORITE, Crown Royal Black Label! Slightly more expensive then crown royal, just as smooth, (maybe I bit more bite) but also adds just a little bit more oak.
Sooo, my personal preference and all time favorite defiantly the Crown Black Label; certainly worth the extra couple bucks!
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  1. OK, I pulled out my notes from a recent Crown tasting and here is how the various products are made, which accounts for the different taste profiles.

    As you know, everyone tastes things in somewhat different moderation’s, so you may be able to taste hints of vanilla, while I may be picking up some extra oak, but in general, here is what can explain the differences in taste of the Crown Royal Products.

    Crown Royal Deluxe: has a blend of fifty distinct, full-bodied whiskies matured in white oak barrels. A taste profile defined by smoothness, enhanced by a rich, lingering finish.

    Crown Royal Black: A bolder, darker and more robust whiskey blended at 90 proof, yet with the signature smoothness of Crown Royal. It has a deeper oak background with dark, sweet, maple notes and a light vanilla flavor towards the finish.

    Crown Royal Reserve: Whiskies are hand selected that have body and taste that are necessary for achieving the exceptional depth of Crown Royal Reserve. End result is a creamy, rich, reserve-grade blend, flush with sharp clove, and cinnamon top points of rye. Not quite sure what a cinnamon top point of rye is?????????Maybe I wrote my notes down wrong or something????

    Crown Royal Cask No. 16: A blend of fifty whiskies finished in rare cognac casks made out of oak from the Limousin forest in France, and marked “16” to represent their place of origin. The cask finishing imparts subtle hints of rich, dried fruit.

    Crown Royal XR: This limited-edition blend is made from the last remaining batch of whisky distilled at the Waterloo distillery. With rare, extra-aged ryes and bourbons, it offers a full-bodied bouquet with a creamy, rounded finish. It is a rare blend with unparalleled smoothness and balance.

    So depending on what kind of cask the product is finished in, the age that it was held in the cask and the different ingredients that go into the making of the product is what generally accounts for the different taste profiles, but it all comes down to an individuals own taste-buds. Me being older, I don’t pick up some of the subtleties
    that a “younger tongue” might pick up, on the other hand, I can still appreciate the overall differences in taste between a 90 proof product, or a product that is aged in cognac casks versus a white oak cask.

    Everyone’s taste is matured differently, the beginning whisky drinker may find something too strong, while the older more mature palate, would find the same product too weak.

    In the end, it comes down to what tastes good to you……………the Crown Royal Deluxe or Crown Royal XR or anything in between.

    • Mike, you sir are the man!!

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