Bourgeois Pig – Brand New Wine In Kansas Available at Jt’s Liquor

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This blog was written by Karl Calini owner of Bourgeois Pig – Bourgeois Pig wines are brought to us by two local guys: Karl Calini, a Southern French native, and Jerry Kenefake, a Kansas City native. Karl and Jerry’s goal is to offer great wine of exceptional quality that can be enjoyed daily, as the French do. Using some of the finest grapes from the South of France, each bottle will bring you the tastes of the region, pleasing even the most discriminating wine connoisseur. The taste will surely impress your upper-class Bourgeois (“BOOZ-jwa”) guests, as the price will still let you go HOG WILD…. Enjoy, and as the Bourgeois Pig triumphantly says, “Let them drink wine!”
By:Karl Calini


  1. I can’t believe we didn’t get any more comments on this subject?!? You guys need to try this FANTASTIC Vino :)) give it a try and let us know!! GREAT JUICE

  2. I’m so intrigued by this wine and after imbibing Saturday evening will offer more comments! Why is this wine available only in Wichita?

  3. The wine staff was so impressed with Bourgeois Pig wines that we now have them on our shelves as well! Congrats on a job well done!

    • You guys have a great store! Thank you for your interests 🙂

      • No, THANK YOU! The red blend is a great seller at Jt’s Karl Calini & Jerry Kenefake have done a SUPERB job on these wines!

  4. We judged the KCBS BBQ contest in Lee’s Summit and were given a bottle of the Bourgeois Pig Cabernet. It is great – one of the best reds we have tasted. Thanks. Liz Kaufman

    • We love this!

  5. Is there any place in Kansas City to purchase the Bourgeois Pig Pinot Noir? I have to have a bottle, by Friday, for my best friend’s birthday. T.hank you

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